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Anti-MBP Magnetic Beads

An affinity matrix for small-scale isolation and purification of (MBP) fusion proteins. 

  • Monoclonal anti-MBP is covalently coupled to 1 µm nonporous superparamagnetic particles through a linkage that is stable and leak resistant over a wide pH range, thereby permitting the immunomagnetic isolation of MBP-fusion proteins from cell culture extracts
  • Immobilized fusion proteins can be used in subsequent experiments to capture (pull down) target proteins that specifically interact with the immobilized MBP fusion protein
  • Binding capacity of 5 μg MBP5*-paramyosin ΔSal fusion protein/mg Anti-MBP Magnetic Beads
  • Quick, small-scale purification of MBP-fusion proteins enables higher throughput and efficiency

Anti-MBP Magnetic Beads |

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