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Chitin Resin

An affinity matrix for the isolation of target proteins fused to an intein-chitin binding domain fusion

  • Strong specific binding for CBD-fusion protein affords highly pure protein of interest from crude lysate in one step
  • Removal of CBD-tag during elution typically yields highly pure, native protein without the use of a protease
  • This resin, when used with pTXB1, allows for the isolation of native recombinant proteins possessing a reactive C-terminal thioester that can be used for applications in intein-mediated protein ligation (IPL) and site-specific labeling
  • Binding capacity: 2 mg maltose-binding protein/mL bed volume released from the resin after cleavage of the maltose-binding-CBD-fusion protein
  • Resin may be regenerated up to 5 times

Chitin Resin |

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S6651L 不适用 100 ml ¥5,269.00
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