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Lambda DNA (dam-)

  • Lambda DNA is a commonly used DNA substrate
  • Isolated from a dam- E.coli strain, this DNA can be digested with restriction endonucleases that are sensitive to dam methylation
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Lambda DNA (dam-) | NEB酶试剂 New England Biolabs

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N3013S 500 µg/ml 250 µg ¥869.00
N3013L 500 µg/ml 1,250 µg ¥3,349.00
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Duplex DNA is isolated from bacteriophage lambda (cI857ind 1 Sam 7). The bacteriophage is grown in an E. coli host which is deficient in adenine methylase (dam). Therefore, those deoxyadenosine positions which are methylated in a wild type E. coli host are not methylated in the dam host. This DNA gives complete digests with restriction endonucleases that are sensitive to dam methylation. Lambda DNA (dam-) is 48,502 base pairs in length.


The phage is isolated from a heat-inducible E. coli(dam) lambda lysogen. The DNA is isolated from purified phage by phenol extraction and dialyzed against 10 mM Tris-HCl (pH 8.0)and 1 mM EDTA.

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    NEB # 名称 组分货号 储存温度 数量 浓度
    • N3013S     -20    
        Lambda DNA (dam-) N3013SVIAL -20 1 x 0.5 ml 500 µg/ml
    • N3013L     -20    
        Lambda DNA (dam-) N3013LVIAL -20 2 x 1.25 ml 500 µg/ml

  • 特性和用法


    10 mM Tris-HCl
    1 mM EDTA
    pH 8 @ 25°C

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  • 注意事项
    1. The advantage of this DNA is that it gives complete digests with those restriction endonucleases (BclI, MboI, DpnII, etc.) whose recognition sites are partially modified by most E. coli strains.

  • 参考文献
    1. Daniels, D.L. et al. (1983). Appendix II: Complete Annotated Lambda Sequence. R.W. Hendrix, J.W. Roberts, F.W. Stahl and R.A. Weisberg(Ed.), Lambda-II. 519-676. New York: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.

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    2. What is the DNA sequence of this product?

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    • N3013S_L_v1

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    • N3013S_L_v1_0481401
    • N3013S_L_v1_0481407
    • N3013S_L_v1_0481412
    • N3013S_L_v1_0491412
    • N3013S_L_v1_0491505
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    • N3013S_L_v1_0491603
    • N3013S_L_v1_0491608
    • N3013S_L_v1_0491612
    • N3013S_L_v1_0491704
    • N3013S_L_v1_0491705
    • N3013S_L_v1_0491707
    • N3013S_L_v1_0501802
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    • N3013L_v1_10007983
    • N3013L_v1_10019245
    • N3013S_v1_10019247
    • N3013L_v1_10032407
    • N3013L_v1_10035202
    • N3013S_v1_10032410
    • N3013L_v1_10055063
    • N3013S_v1_10058088
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    • N3013S_v2_10089320
    • N3013L_v2_10114564
    • N3013L_v2_10115054
    • N3013S_v2_10119138
    • N3013L_v2_10139395
    • N3013S_v2_10140439
    • N3013L_v2_10140441
    • N3013S_v2_10157758

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    • Lambda DNA (dam-)