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Deep Vent® (exo-) DNA Polymerase

  • Deep Vent® (exo-) offers moderate fidelity and robust performance
  • Extremely high thermostability: half-life of 23 hours at 95°C
  • 5X higher fidelity than Taq
  • Difficult templates: ideal for GC-rich or looped sequence

Deep Vent® (exo-) DNA Polymerase |

货号 浓度 规格 目录价 北京 上海 广州 成都 苏州
M0259V 2,000 units/ml 100 units ¥599.00
M0259S 2,000 units/ml 200 units ¥1,129.00
M0259L 2,000 units/ml 1,000 units ¥4,509.00
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Deep Vent (exo-) DNA Polymerase has been genetically engineered to eliminate the 3´→ 5´ proofreading exonuclease activity associated with Deep Vent DNA Polymerase. Deep Vent (exo-) DNA Polymerase is even more stable than Vent® (exo-) DNA Polymerase with a half-life of 23 hours at 95°C and 8 hours at 100°C. Both Deep Vent (exo-) and Vent (exo-) DNA Polymerase are suitable for primer extensions and high temperature (72°C) DNA sequencing.

Deep Vent DNA Polymerase crystals (Ira Schildkraut and Rebecca Kucera, New England Biolabs, Inc.)

Deep Vent® (exo-) DNA Polymerase |


An E. coli strain that carries the Deep Vent (D141A / E143A) DNA Polymerase gene, a genetically engineered form of the native DNA polymerase from Pyrococcus species GB-D. The native organism was isolated from a submarine thermal vent at 2,010 meters (1) and is able to grow at temperatures as high as 104°C.

Other PCR Polymerases

Routine PCR,

  • 产品组分信息



    NEB # 名称 组分货号 储存温度 数量 浓度
    • M0259V     -20    
        Deep Vent® (exo-) DNA Polymerase M0259VVIAL -20 1 x 0.05 ml 2,000 units/ml
        ThermoPol® Reaction Buffer Pack B9004SVIAL -20 1 x 1.5 ml 10 X
        Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) Solution B1003SVIAL -20 1 x 1.5 ml 100 mM
    • M0259S     -20    
        Deep Vent® (exo-) DNA Polymerase M0259SVIAL -20 1 x 0.1 ml 2,000 units/ml
        ThermoPol® Reaction Buffer Pack B9004SVIAL -20 1 x 1.5 ml 10 X
        Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) Solution B1003SVIAL -20 1 x 1.5 ml 100 mM
    • M0259L     -20    
        Deep Vent® (exo-) DNA Polymerase M0259LVIAL -20 1 x 0.5 ml 2,000 units/ml
        ThermoPol® Reaction Buffer Pack B9004SVIAL -20 3 x 1.5 ml 10 X
        Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) Solution B1003SVIAL -20 1 x 1.5 ml 100 mM

  • 特性和用法


    One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme that will incorporate 10 nmol of dNTP into acid-insoluble material 30 minutes at 75°C.


    1X ThermoPol® Reaction Buffer Pack

    1X ThermoPol® Reaction Buffer Pack
    20 mM Tris-HCl
    10 mM (NH4)2SO4
    10 mM KCl
    2 mM MgSO4
    0.1% Triton® X-100
    (pH 8.8 @ 25°C)


    10 mM Tris-HCl
    100 mM KCl
    1 mM DTT
    0.1 mM EDTA
    0.1% Triton® X-100
    50% Glycerol
    pH 7.4 @ 25°C



    理论上的: 89000 daltons

    5′ – 3′ 核酸外切酶


    3′ – 5′ 核酸外切酶





    • Mix of blunt and Single-base 3´ Overhangs


    1X ThermoPol Reaction Buffer, 200 µM each dNTP including [3H]-dTTP, 15 nM primed M13 DNA. 

  • 优势和特性


    • PCR
    • Primer extension

  • 相关产品


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    • ThermoPol® Reaction Buffer Pack
    • Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) Solution

  • 注意事项
    1. BSA is not provided with this enzyme since its presence is not necessary for most primer extension reactions. However, it is available as NEB #B9001. Acetylated BSA should not be used for primer extension reactions.
    2. Diluent D is also available (#B8004). This diluent is recommended for making dilutions of Deep Vent (exo-) DNA Polymerase.
    3. Additional ThermoPol Reaction Buffer Packs are also available (#B9004). Each buffer pack contains 4 vials of 10X buffer (1.5 ml each) and 1 vial of 100 mM MgSO4.

  • 参考文献
    1. Jannasch, H.W. et al. (1992). Appl. Environ. Mircobiol. 58, 3472-3481.

操作说明、说明书 & 用法

  • 操作说明
    1. Guidelines for PCR Optimization for Deep Vent® DNA Polymerase
    2. Protocol for a Routine Deep Vent® (exo-) PCR

  • 使用指南
    • Guidelines for PCR Optimization with Thermophilic DNA Polymerases

工具 & 资源

  • 选择指南
    • DNA Polymerase Selection Chart
    • Thermophilic DNA Polymerases

FAQs & 问题解决指南

  • FAQs
    1. Are the DNA fragments produced by Deep Vent (exo-) DNA Polymerase blunt-ended or do they have the single-base 3′ overhang that Taq DNA Polymerase yields?
    2. Can Deep Vent (exo-) DNA Polymerase be used in other buffers?
    3. I can’t get Deep Vent (exo-) DNA Polymerase to work yet Taq DNA Polymerase works fine.

  • 问题解决指南
    • PCR Troubleshooting Guide

  • 实验技巧
    The amount of enzyme in the reaction is critical. Try a final concentration of 0.02-0.04 U/µl Deep Vent (exo-) DNA Polymerase in the reaction.

引用 & 技术文献

  • 引用文献


    Deep Vent® (exo-) DNA Polymerase | Powered by Bioz See more details on Bioz

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    • M0259S_L_v1
    • M0259S_L_v2

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    • M0259S_L_v1_0041512
    • M0259S_L_v1_0041606
    • M0259S_L_v1_0041612
    • M0259S_L_v1_0041706
    • M0259S_L_v1_0041712
    • M0259L_v1_10015376
    • M0259S_v1_10015379
    • M0259L_v1_10026388
    • M0259L_v1_10034489
    • M0259S_v1_10034490
    • M0259L_v1_10048816
    • M0259S_v1_10051048
    • M0259L_v1_10054107
    • M0259S_v1_10057991
    • M0259L_v1_10057992
    • M0259S_v2_10072330
    • M0259L_v2_10082749
    • M0259L_v2_10096293
    • M0259S_v2_10102447
    • M0259L_v2_10109795
    • M0259S_v2_10120975
    • M0259L_v2_10129016
    • M0259S_v2_10143133
    • M0259L_v2_10151682
    • M0259S_v2_10153517

  • SDS
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    • Deep Vent® (exo-) DNA Polymerase
    • ThermoPol® Reaction Buffer Pack
    • Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) Solution