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Monarch® RNA Cleanup Kit (500 μg)

The Monarch RNA Cleanup Kit (500 µg) enables fast and simple purification and concentration of up to 500 µg of RNA from in vitro transcription (IVT) and other enzymatic reactions.

  • Ideal for purification of synthesized RNA following high-yield in vitro transcription reactions (alternative to MEGAclear™)
  • Optimized for the cleanup of RNA after enzymatic treatments including DNase I, Proteinase K, labeling and capping
  • Efficiently purify RNA ≥ 25 nt (a simple modification enables purification of RNA ≥ 15 nt)
  • Elute in ≥ 50 µl for concentrated RNA 70-100% RNA recovery
  • Unique column design prevents buffer carryover and elution of silica particulates
  • Simplified workflow with a single wash buffer
  • Columns and buffers are available separately
  • Purified RNA is ready for use in a wide variety of downstream applications, including microinjection and transfection.

Monarch® RNA Cleanup Kit (500 µg) |

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Monarch® RNA Cleanup Kit (500 µg) |

Monarch® RNA Cleanup Protocol


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