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NEBExpress® Ni-NTA Magnetic Beads

  • An affinity matrix for the small-scale isolation and purification of polyhistidine-tagged (His-tagged) fusion proteins in manual or automated formats.
  • Prepared with agarose based, super-paramagnetic microparticles which provide high binding capacity and fast magnetic response permitting high throughput and scalable purification strategies of His tagged-fusion proteins.
  • NTA coordination exhibits low Nickel ion leaching.
  • Tolerates a wide range of conditions, including the presence of protein denaturants and detergents. Compatible with commercially available detergent based cell lysis reagents.
  • Elution of the target protein may be achieved by protonation, ligand exchange (with imidazole) or extraction of the metal ion by a stronger chelator (e.g. EDTA).
  • Extremely low non-specific binding properties permit immobilized fusion proteins to be used in subsequent experiments to capture or pull down interacting proteins from crude cell lysates


Express Ni-NTA Magnetic Beads |

Introduction to the NEBExpress® Cell-free Protein Synthesis System

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