TriForest Enterprises 代理

TriForest Enterprises 代理

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上海金畔生物科技有限公司 TriForest Enterprises专业代理,具体产品信息欢迎电询:021-50837765



世界*实验材料供应商 TriForest Enterprises上海金畔生物为其中国代理, TriForest Enterprises在一直是行业的*,一直为广大科研客户提供zui为优质的产品和服务,上海金畔生物一直秉承为中国科研客户带来的产品,的服务, TriForest Enterprises就是为了给广大科研客户带来更加完善的产品和服务,您的满意将是我们zui大的收获

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Since its inception, TriForest has been a culture of innovation. We are an energetic, multifaceted, multi-disciplined organization. We offer a unique combination of expertise in the manufacturing of life science research products and industrial plastics. TriForest entered the US market a decade ago with the polycarbonate square/octagonal bottle, creating the “new alternative to glass.” Our products helped shift the paradigm in the manufacturing of sterile aqueous reagents, and suspension cultures. Glass bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks were replaced with our crystal clear, shatterproof, and non-leaching LEXAN® Polycarbonate Labware.


Bioproduct Manufacturing, Packaging